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In my life I've had much pleasure.
Joy that makes me laugh.
Happiness I can treasure
Walking on a blissful path.

There have been rocky places.
Some briars in the way.
Yet seeing sweet, loving faces
Brightens any darksome day.

Birds sweetly singing at daylight.
My singing aloud at noon.
Makes everyday clear and bright.
Casts away any clouds of gloom.

If sadness pierces like a sword,
As in all life it sometimes will.
My eyes turn to the Holy Word.
My sorrow He quickly stills.

Family and friends to call on
When I share a laugh or tear.
And when the day is done
There's peace in what I hear.

Each of us have days of pleasure.
Can find the place that makes you laugh.
We all can seek the greatest treasure.
We all can find a blissful path.

Trust in Christ as your sweet Savior.
Find joy in the Holy Word.
Peace comes that you will savor
Through Jesus Christ your Lord.

Jane Ellen Slone

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Song: "Life Can Be Beautiful"

Sequenced By Ginger Haydon
Ginger's Piano Place
Used With Permission

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