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Dawn's misty visions in early Spring
Gazing in togetherness, your emerald eyes speak
Crystalline hearts sheltered in magical dreams
Azure windows, painted in portrait vignette love

Sunbeams amble slowly, as each rose satin lithe
As tranquility shines, angel's heaven's twilight
They graze at peaceful dusk, till dawn
‘Neath each twilight lies pebble stones

Satin Celeste ribbons tied to each silvery strand
Lighted ropes united to free our loving spirits
Angels feathered aspiring journey to enlighten
You hold me darling, I adore you

Amethyst heart romantic lilacs etched true
Cascading lighted vessels
Etching roses in garden road journey's feathered
There playing our concerto's love song

Deborah Shepard©


The roses tube is courtesy of
Sharrys Place

Couple tube is courtesy of Herkeys Corner that also
is an Alan Ayers art©

Page and gaphics designed by Leona1999
January, 2003 Copyright ©

Music: "Unchained Melody"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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