Blazing through each day
At one hundred miles per hour.
Not noting the blue of the sky
Or sweet scent of a flower.
Was it worth it?

Harried, distracted
With too much to do.
They waited for the call
Never gotten from you.
Was it worth it?

Time goes so quickly,
Days pass so fast.
Only the smiles you give
Are things that last.
Do you do it?

Special dishes that are
Needing to be cooked.
Settle down for just a bit
And read from the Good Book.
Do you do it?

Share a bit of laughter,
Share a snatch of a song.
Only takes a minute,
But the joy lasts so long.
Please do it!

Sunshine and warmth.
Spring is so fleeting.
Worship the Lord,
Give to those who are needing.
Please do it!


Jane Ellen Slone