~ An Hour With You~




I think I'll be a buggy bear
And hide in pretty leaves,
Creep among the flower buds,
Camouflaged in ruby red, unseen.

Immersed in sweet perfume,
I'll chat with inching worms,
Giggle soft, when birds fly by
And sleep in golden blooms.

I won't wake up to mysteries
Of Earth and all mankind,
Nor fear the storms or darkness,
Weakness at any time.

I'll live within the canopy
Of childlike innocence,
Where all seems safe and ordered,
No thoughts of cold duress.

Oh, I'll think I am in heaven,
A garden's glorious dream,
I'll think I've died and gone to Jesus,
With you right here with me.

Oh, but we are there, right now
In sweet and sure repose,
Believing our dear God who said
That He is on the Throne.

We're already safe in Jesus,
Who died to make us pure,
Breathing in God's lovely garden
In Him we are secure.

We can just relax, rest back
About the struggles and the pain,
Live only in His Spirit world,
Where love is all arranged.

Our hearts forever flying free
To soar within this sphere,
Warmly covered by His Sonshine,
Protected from all fear.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © June 2009
Poetry from the Heart

I do not ask that He must prove
His Word is true to me,
And that before I can believe
He first must let me see.
It is enough for me to know
'Tis true because He says 'tis so;
On His unchanging Word I'll stand
And trust till I can understand.
E. M. Winter

Tubes from
Jane's Country Tole


Music : "One Man's Dream"

Midi and Performance
By Bonita Luciotti©
Copyright By Bonita Luciotti
Used With Permission

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