Often life gets hard,
And burdens are heavy to bear.
Friends go their own way,
And no one seems to care.

Trouble comes from every side.
Weariness takes its toll,
As fiery darts from satan,
Try to vex my soul.

Winds of sorrow blow ‘round me,
And tears fill my eyes.
So, I fall on my knees,
With my hands raised toward the skies.

I cry, “Dear Lord, I’m hurting.”
“Hear my humble plea.”
“I’m no match for satan.”
“Please rescue me.”

“Without You I’m nothing.”
“I am only dust.”
“Ah, but I have a loving Master,”
“In Whom I can put my trust!”
I remember His words of promise,
And I’m comforted after all!

He said, “Many are the afflictions,”
“Of the righteous.”
“But, the Lord delivereth,”
“ Him from them all!”

Robert F. Dotson © 2009













Music: "Standing On The Promises"
Joyful Noise Music
Sequenced By: Joy Hardin
Used With Permission

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