I wake in the midst of night,
Longing, Oh how I long for you,
Tears fall upon my pillow,
My heart is breaking in two.

I dread to face another day,
The nights are ever lonely,
Each place I look brings sobs,
I yearn your presence solely.

A chair sits empty at the table,
No one to share daily fare,
Who came today or called,
There's no one but me to care.

A vacuum abounds inside as,
A constant ache in my heart,
Cries out to you for comfort yet,
There's no solace can you impart.

I wish I could just hold your hand,
The sound of your voice I sorely miss,
Feeling your hands upon my face as,
You bring me close to you for a kiss.

Will this hurting ever stop,
The days be normal again,
How can I continue without you,
I don't know how to begin.

I miss you my darling husband,
One day on Jordan's Shore I will stand,
I long to meet you there my love,
We will be together in a better land.

Until that time when I see you,
I will forever be lost and lonely,
Yearning for the one I love,
Alone and wishing for you only.

Oh Robert, I miss you so much.

Gayle Davis©
04 May 2010


Graphics designed by Leona1999
©July, 2009

The main image is a blend of a tube
from SWD and an image from
Stock Xchange

Music: "To Where You Are"

Sequenced By: Redsal
© Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Used With Permission
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