I Do Believe Godís Word Is True
Each chapter, verse and line
It brings to me His point of view
His Purpose And Design

I Do Believe God Loves Us All
Thatís why He sent His Son
And if I hearken to His call
Through Him The Race Is Won

I Do Believe Godís In Control
Thereís nothing He canít fix
He reached way down to save my soul
With Faith That Comes And Sticks

I Do Believe Godís Heart Is Hurt
When I get off the track
So I resist the sin and dirt
With Christ Who Has My Back

I Do Believe God Must Be First
In everything I do
Without His Peace The World Is Cursed
With Him All Things Are New

I Do Believe That God Is Right
He never makes mistakes
He fills me up with Love and Light
And Does Just what It Takes

I Do Believe That God Brings Hope
I run to His embrace
He gives me strength in life to cope
Sufficient Is His Grace

I do Believe Godís Everywhere
Heís yours, if you would choose
Heís loving, tender, kind and fair
Respond To His Good News !!!

I Do Believe The Time Is Short
Before We Journey On
Weíll Stand With Christ And Weíll Report
That Things Have Come And Gone

You Too, Can Now Believe In God
And Trust Him With Your Heart
Heíll Take Whatís Broken, Scarred And Flawed
And Make A Work Of Art

© Jim Lake

2 Corinthians 5:17
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ
has become a new person. The old life has gone;
a new life has begun!




Music: "Do You Believe?"

Words By: Richard Blauvelt
Music By: Richard Blauvelt
Used with permission

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