I care if your day is sunny and bright
And you sleep well at night.
I care if you feel love in your heart
And know love from you will never depart.

I care if you are well and able to cope
Because your heart is filled with hope
That health will return again
And you will be free from grief and pain.

I care if you have loving friends
Who stand by your side when troubles come
Staying close by
To wipe the tears from your eyes.

I care that you know of the Savior's love
Always there to comfort you
When your days are lonely and blue
Letting you know HIs love is faithful and true.

I care that you have the will to carry on
When feeling down and out
Finding strength deep inside
Not to let go but hold on tight
Til once again your heart swells with happy song.

©Jane Ward Smith
Oct. 11, 2009