I believe love lives in my heart,
For another revealing its,
Existence that's realized in,
Love's heavenly romantic blitz.

I believe love's a song's expression,
Always to be heard and then felt,
Beguiling and captivating,
Two hearts in love to lastly meld.

Just as I believe in love on,
First sight that takes away all my,
Breath, flowering like a rose's,
Scent which no one can yet deny.

Yes I really believe love calls,
Like the sweet perfume of a rose,
Unfolding its vital essence,
To the beautiful one who knows.

I believe love lives silently,
Within yet breathes out emotion,
Illuminating the sun's rays,
In heaven with love's devotion.

Oh I believe love's reflection,
Is like the glimmer of the stars,
In the night beneath soft moonlight,
Exposing radiance, ours.

Yes I believe love blooms in me,
Ever more gently than a rose,
Opening its petals sweetly,
Like my soul exists as love flows.

And I believe in love's power,
So Divinely presented mine,
By God's Love Design in my heart,
Beaming ecstasy a lifetime.

I believe the eyes of my soul,
Live love as always, recognized,
As genuine, truly sincere,
Blessed by God, never compromised.

Oh I believe love lives in me,
Now and forever so Divine,
And I will love you my love you're,
The breath of me, blessed always mine.

©Sondra McPherson
29 May 2009