I found out in life that no
Matter how long I am here,
I will always be still learning,
I thought I had learned everything,
But that too was only a thought.

I am learning that I must wait for
God to give me the answers I need in life,
In His time, not mine,
I am learning that to be loved you have to be,
Ready to give love too.

I am learning that there is more meaning to,
Christmas then pretty presents under a tree,
I am learning that Godís love is the true meaning,
Of everything and He loves me for who I am,
Not what I can be or do or say.

I am still learning to,
Stand on my own two feet,
When I stumble I am learning that whatever,
Mistakes I have made in life,
It was by my choice,

I am learning that this world can exist without me,
I am learning to be the a person who listens to,
Both sides before taking either side.
I am learning that I am very special because,
God made me and, He never goes wrong,
I am still learning, itís okay to be me.

Ann Hart
©December 19, 2004