Day time is filled with pain,
Night time thereís added fear,
Lord why am I to suffer so,
I love You and hold You dear.

This mental illness makes life hard,
No one seems to understand,
I only make it through the day,
Holding onto Your gentle hand.

Why Lord, do I go through these rituals,
I know the doctors say it's OCPD,
Yet why am I the target of such,
I just want to be a normal me.

I have thoughts that others say arenít,
Real and I am not in any danger,
The fear stalking me is ever there,
To me this terror is no stranger.

Oh Divine Lord I pray for solace,
Just one night of peaceful sleep,
Help me Lord and safeguard me,
I beg of you Father as in fear I weep.

Family strays as problems increase,
Disease is overtaking my body and soul,
I pray for healing wonderful Jesus,
Please touch me and make me whole.

It seems as one wanes another takes its place,
Suffering constantly brings depression,
Oh Father this life of multiple illnesses,
Creates a life filled with pain and regression.

I donít know how much longer I can go on,
I am losing the battle fighting on my own,
I try to keep the faith and cling to You,
Lord, the truth is I just want to quit and go home.

Life is so lonely each and every day,
Who can I turn to Lord when I am alone,
I am dying inside, wounded, filled with agony,
I am tired of struggling to face the unknown.

I know Youíre there for I have made it thus far,
But Lord Jesus I canít continue this way,
I am too weak to fight anymore Savior,
My life is but a painfully sad display.

Oh God have Mercy upon me!

Written by special request.

Gayle Davis©
12 June 2009











Music: "Sea Of Loneliness"

Rodney A. Brubaker's MIDI Music
Composed and Performed By:
Rodney A. Brubaker
Used With Permission

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