Sweet healing balm of love Flowing free from God above Slips into my spirit As I drive along my way To a place special from my birth Through years Of happiness and tears Where family still resides And love forever abides. As familiar scenes come into view Of places I once knew I remember those who once lived there And the days of youth so fair When life was fresh and new. Friends and loved ones Long since gone from the scene To greener pastures Or to their heavenly reward Are remembered for the special part They played In the foundation of my youthful days Who slipped into my heart And forever stayed. Nearing the home of my birth The most precious place on Earth Memories of "home" flooded my heart And healing balm soothed my battered spirit Bringing peace that only love can give All the days we live. Shucking the responsibilities That weigh me down Sweet relief was found As time was spent with family, dear Sharing time and love felt here Visiting times of long ago With thoughts of those we love so When the pace of life was slow. Love found in the past More precious than silver and gold Continues to flow And fills our heart and soul As generations of the past And generations young and new Connected by blood through our veins And even more love ever ongoing Heals like a soothing balm As only love can. ŠJane Ward Smith September 14, 2009 E-mail

morgueFile Sapphire Designs

Music: "Bring Him Home"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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