"I will not forget the wound to our
country, and those who inflicted it
I will not yield, I will not rest ,
I will not relent in waging this
struggle for freedom and security,
For the American people".
President ~ "George Bush"

When he ran for President
Some of us hadn't heard of him before
It was a good thing that he made it for
The terrorists came knocking at our door
Now when most men would have stumbled and
Some did run and some did hide
Ah but not this man from Texas
He stood tall helped Americans to unite
He's the man, he's the man

Tried the United Nations but only a few of them would agree
But most turned their backs on us
Their true colors showed indeed
He said if we have to
We'll go the distance on our own
And he said you're either with us or
Against us and he stood tall
He did what he had to do
Even though some criticized
Before the world he made this promise
Freedom for these people wouldn't be denied
He's the man, he's the man

Now you can say what you want to but
There are some that just talk the talk
Oh, but not this man from Texas
He can also walk the walk
So let's not forget it for
History will surely show
That in our time of trouble
The man from Texas
Stood tall above it all
Said he's not finished yet
There's a lot more work for him to do
And he won't rest until
This world's a safer place for me and you
He's the man, Yeah he's the man

Original Lyrics ©Jerry Morris
Written September 2005




Music: "He's The Man"

Original Lyrics and Music By Jerry Morris©
Composed and Performed By: Jerry Morris
©Jerry Morris
Used With Permission
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