Hello little friend of mine,
You got money today,
I had pennies in my pocket,
But they fell out in play.

Want to share with me,
Huh, do you please,
I hope I get a red one,
But I like any of these.

You are such a good friend,
To share your coins with me,
And the next time I have pennies,
In my hand is where they'll be.

Little girls should not turn flips,
This is what my mother said,
It makes my dress go flopping down,
Covering nothing but my head.

She does get a little anxious,
I don't stay very clean and neat,
Why, mother says my face,
Is 'bout dirty as my little feet.

You don't think I am messy do you,
I know we both play the same games,
We don't hurt anyone, Oh never,
And wouldn't think of calling others names.

You are very quiet today,
What is the matter with you,
Are you sad, worried or angry,
Tell me please tell me do.

Now what is the matter,
My feelings you wish to spare,
You want to be my friend,
Cause for me you sure do care.

Now let me tell you something,
Well I guess I do talk a lot,
But it's your fault this time,
Only one gumball I got.

If I had gotten more,
Then I would have to chew,
And then my little gumball buddy,
I could not talk so much to you.

You are just funnin' me,
I see that smile creeping in,
You sure do tease me bad,
But I am glad you're my best friend.

Come on let's go look for the pennies,
That fell from my pocket today,
I know right where I turned the flip,
They'll be in the grass I'd say.

Oh look, here they are my friend,
Let's go get more gumballs to chew.
I will get five red ones this time,
And the other five will go to you.

Come on my friend let's hurry,
Before we hear our Mothers call,
Or we will go empty handed,
Without getting more gumballs!

Gayle Davis©
August 21, 2007

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