God will cleanse you from all sin, And give you complete joy within! He will erase all trouble and strife, And give you a brand new lease on life! God will drive all sorrow away, And turn your night into day! God will lift you up when you are down, And give you a smile instead of a frown! Though clouds are black and you feel so blue, God will cause the sun to shine through! Friend, when you have strived to do your best, God will help you to stand the test! When you're weary from the battle at hand, God will whisper, "My child, I understand!" Though you may be forsaken by Father and Mother, God will love you like no other! He has a love that is so Divine! It is quite unlike yours and mine. God will your every need provide! He is a shelter in which you can hide! God will give you your heart's desire, If your affections are centered on things up higher! God will quench your thirst in a dry and barren land! He will raise you up and help you to stand! The wide range of God's mercy can never be told! He will never forsake you when you grow old! Friend, when you are lying there on your death bed, With His right hand God will "pillow" your head! Then, when it is time for you to depart, God will give your soul refuge next to His heart! Robert F. Dotson 2009 E-mail Website

Sapphire Designs

Music: "Jesus Is The Lifeline"

1975-1995 Jimmy Mac Music Company
Used With Permission

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