In this world we live in with perils and dangers. . .
people always ask "Why did God let this happen,
and Why did God not stop all this grief" etc., etc.
Well, God does rescue us, as promised. . .
But, in "His" way and the way "He" thinks is best.
I try to explain that, in the following verse. JJK

Some may say "Why did such a thing occur"
Didn't God know it would happen, all along ?
When situations arise, in a way we don't prefer
We ask "Why didn't God stop, this terrible wrong?"

For, He said . . . "Lo, I am with you always"
So, wasn't there something, He could do . . .
He sees us go through our good and bad days
Didn't the Apostle Paul say "The Lord . . .Will rescue?"

Yes, the Lord will be there, in the hour of need
He'll be there to remove the danger, from us
No respecter of persons, loving . . "Abraham's Seed"
No big deal for Him, He'll do it . . .Without a fuss

Then you might say "Why did they have to die"
Or, Why was my daughter taken away. . .?
You want to believe, and so hard you do try
But . . .Still wonder, as you plead and pray

"Rescue" means . . .Remove from the presence of
To take us away from all hurt, or things that maim
Whatever God does, it's done . . .Because of love
Never changing, He forever remains the same

So, at times He takes us away, from evil or danger
Rescuing us from this world, to be safe with Him
To the troubles of this world, He is no stranger
He'll never leave you alone, hanging out on a limb

At other times, He may take the danger away
Like removing a ferocious Lion, from our path
In either case, He still has the last say. . .
For "danger" can't stand up, to God's wrath

Whatever the situation, accept it as God's Will
He is careful, keeping us in the Palm of His Hand
And. . .When good or bad things happen, sit still
It will all work to the good. . .As God has planned

Copyright 2009 Judith Johnson Kypta



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Music: "He's Got The Whole World"

Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission

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