My God The Rose and Sweet Fragrance,
I talk to Him each passing day,
As I read my Bible He's there, I find
Such sweet Love and it's yours and mine.

The Bible is like an endless fountain,
It will never be exhausted,
The Bible reaches down into the soul,
My God the Rose is the sweetest Goal.

The Bible and Rose will always unfold,
God's Sweet Aroma the world will ever know,
In good times and bad, God is at our side,
My precious Saviour in Your Love I'll abide.

God's Red Rose Bible has been my guide,
And as I study it's pages it helps me be wise.
He is my Rest and He restores my soul,
God's Red Rose Bible will make you whole.

Let us send sweet fragrance up to Heaven,
One day we will gaze upon His lovely Face,
We'll join in the chorus of God's creation,
Bow down before Him in great adoration.

God's Red Rose Bible has much in store,
He longs to capture your heart and mine,
May we go forth and give Glory to His Name,
Trusting in the Bible we'll never be the same.

God is happy to look upon a seeking heart,
When we call upon Him all good things impart.
We'll enter the Gates with Praise and Thankgiving,
Into the joys of Heaven where Worship is living.

God's Red Rose Bible drives my fears away,
It's my healing balm for each new day,
It's like the dew drops that fall from Heaven,
It says Arise my Love, come away you're forgiven.

Bernice Ward January 2009