When in answer to Your call,
May I always give my all,
But, should I happen to stumble and fall,
Forgive me, Lord!

If I say something absurd,
Repeat some gossip I have heard,
Or even utter an unkind word,
Forgive me, Lord!

If Your search light of love should find,
Evil thoughts in my mind,
Would You ever be so kind,
And Forgive me, Lord?

As I journey on life's road,
Headin' for my Eternal abode,
If I grumble about my load,
Forgive me, Lord!

If life brings me so much pain,
That I'm tempted to complain,
Help me to refrain,
And forgive me, Lord!

In the darkness of the night,
When no help seems to be in sight,
If I should waver between wrong and right,
Forgive me, Lord!

If I've ever been to blame,
For causing any shame,
To Your Holy and Righteous name,
Please, forgive me, Lord!

Robert F. Dotson 2009