Do you have memories of yesteryears
When Winter came and the weather got cold?
That was the Time for killing hogs,
And in the smoke house they'd go.

We'd sat down to breakfast with eggs and
Biscuits home made.
There are a lot of memories I'll never forget,
That home cured ham from the smokehouse,
We had upon our plates.

I always enjoyed the break of day
So I could watch the sun as it would rise,
And watch the smog vanish,
As it brought on a new day of surprise.

If you've ever lived in the country,
There's a certain peace you find there.
Sort of like a brand new world,
Free from so much worry and care.

A little break after a hard days work,
Just to sit and stare,
At all the wonders of this world.
Blue skies, a soft breeze
And all your thoughts to share.

Just behind the house was a big old tree
A coon climbed high up on a limb,
A neighbor tried to scare him down,
What a mistake for him.

If you live in the country you soon will find,
Things you do and things you don't.
Some things you make friends with,
And some you won't.

You learn to work with nature,
When it rains there will be no hay to cut,
So you'll work inside and catch up,
On things you've been putting off,
like fixing that old hutch.

Well the day is winding down,
And I guess so are we.
We'll go turn on the radio,
To hear the grand old opera.

Tomorrow will come soon enough,
And time to start again.
To work out what needs done,
Or start a brand new plan.

Faye Reyenga 4 / 4 / 2009


Guestbook is a tube courtesy of Ivy
Mail box courtesy Wilkie Web Designs
My thanks to Randy Souder for allowing the use of his paintings.
The poetry used here is from Good Old Days magazine.

Music: "What A Wonderful World"

Sequenced By: Gary Rogers
Used With Permission

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