Enjoy life as you live it
Daily finding joy in God's provision
Of beauty all around
In the creation and nature's sound...
Birds singing, gentle breezes blowing
And beauty of flowers in bloom
And greening of grass and trees
All things God gives for our knowing
He wants for us the very best.

See the squirrels scampering in the trees
The butterflies fluttering by
With colors awesome to behold...
Delicate yellow, black and orange and beautiful blue,
All so delicate in vivid hue
Sent for a special work and blessing you.

Hear the country sounds muted by open space
So solitude is easy to find
And even the hustle and bustle of City life
With a beauty all its own...
Energetic, thriving and stimulating
Urging you to join right in
And busy yourself with dreams from your heart
Letting them direct your way
For a most productive and happy day.

Take time from your busy day
To commune with God and pray
Thanking Him for life and blessings He gives...
The blessing of life precious to you,
Friends who are loving and true,
Friends who share your day,
Work productive and self-fulfilling,
Comfortable shelter in which to reside,
Protection from harm's way,
Sustenance for body and soul,
Guidance for life's journey
And most precious of all
God's abiding Love and hope He gives
For an enjoyable life now
And a home in heaven some day.

ŠJane ward Smith
April 17, 2009




Image is Š Texas Photo's ~ Photographer Wil Ellis

Music: "Evening Falls"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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