Troubles burden me,
Light has faded away,
I yearn for comfort,
Peace in my soul today.

Wandering along in a fog,
Mind racing seeking in vain,
Where will I find an answer,
I have tried time and again.

Beyond is a crowd of people,
I am drawn to their happy praise,
I lose myself in the many,
Most have eyes closed with arms raised.

Curiosity over comes me,
What can cause such cheer,
Songs about their loving Jesus,
Suddenly I felt someone near.

Hands reached to greet me,
Soft kind words were spoken.
A story of Jesus' love has,
Left me sobbing and broken.

I knelt at the bench afore me,
Crying out with all of my heart,
Jesus come to me and cleanse,
This child with forgiveness impart.

Lord let me feel the joy that I see,
Make me whole and one of Your own,
Help me walk in Your likeness and,
The love of God through me be shown.

Thank You Blessed Father for,
Cradling me to Your breast,
Loving a sinner like me,
Lord help me to be my best.

Down on my knees I met Jesus,
I was filled with sin and shame,
He loved me enough to forgive,
I'll forever Praise His sweet Name.

Gayle Davisİ
13 March 2010




Music: "Fountain Of Joy"

ARTIST: Michael Dooley
ALBUM: "Fields of Freedom" Copyright İAurora Production Ltd.
Nubeat Music - Instrumental Albums
Used With Permission

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