As the old preacher's family gathered 'round,
He motioned with his hand!
He said, "I just received a message,
Straight from "Beulah Land"!
Its contents were urgent,
For it came from our God's throne!
You see, today I'll be leavin',
For a mansion of my own!
With my lamp all trimmed and burning,
And my garment spotless white,
My soul is constantly yearning,
Just to take that final flight!"

Then, for a while he was silent,
As his mind went back to the day,
When as a young boy of seven,
He'd knelt at the altar to pray!
Right then and there, he made a vow to God,
To follow in His will!
And at the age of eighty-seven,
He was following still!
Friend, at the age of sixteen,
God had called him to preach,
And he spent the rest of his life,
Trying lost souls to reach!

His wife from the days of her youth,
Had lived Holiness to the letter!"
He could have searched the world over,
And never found anyone better!
They worked so very closely together,
Just "Like a hand in a glove!"
God had smiled upon their marriage
And blessed it with His love!

The marriage had produced four children,
Who were Christians one and all!
Like their father before them,
Two had accepted the Master's call!
This preacher's life had been fulfilling,
For he had labored well!
Many souls had been rescued,
From the awful horrors of hell!

Suddenly, he came back to himself,
As he heard the Master's voice!
Someone close by heard him saying,
"My soul it does rejoice!
What is that I hear?
Is it the sound of angel's wings,
And the Hallelujah chorus,
Being played on golden strings?"
Then, with a smile upon his face,
He took the Saviour's hand!
For it was departure time!
Destination: Beulah Land!

Robert F. Dotson 2007







Music: "Sweet Beulah Land"

Sequenced By: David Larch
Used With Permission

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