Be content with what you have.
Be glad in what is around you.
The freshness of the morning air,
The grass fragrant with dappled dew.

Money can't buy the gifts He gives.
The sun peeping through the fog cloud,
Air so sweet with the scent of flowers,
Birds in full song, happy and loud.

Wealth can't compare with peaceful sleep.
Rest that refreshes through the night.
To wake come morning from sweet dreams,
The world washed and new with light, soft bright.

Work to do throughout the day
Tasks you are thankful to do.
Pleasant laughter from a surprise phone call.
Saying a prayer for them, too.

What riches you have all around you!
Give praises to Him who sent it!
Thanking the Lord with a grateful heart.
In Him be joyful and contented.

Jane Ellen Slone
July 31, 2009






Music: "From Another Shore"

"Dolphin Dream's Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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