Friend, are you weary traveling life's road?
Are you trying alone to carry sin's load?
Have you slowly sunk into deepest despair,
Wondering to yourself, "Does anybody care?"

Have troubles and trials and constant fear,
Caused your joy to completely disappear?
Are you confused and do you often find,
Depressing thoughts clouding your mind?

When you lie down on your bed at night,
Do you often wish for the mornin' light,
Only to find that throughout the day,
Inside you're feeling the very some way?

Does your trying to "'turn over a new leaf,"
Only cause added frustration and grief?
Do you find yourself going to a great length,
Defending habits which are sapping your strength?

Do you feel like you're living "'neath a dark cloud?"
Are you desperately lonely even in a crowd?
Do you have questions with no answers in sight?
Is your life full of darkness without any light?
Are you constantly reminded of sins in your youth?

Have you tried everything in search of the truth?
Do you want to be able to look yourself in the face?
Have you ever heard of God's amazing grace?
Could I tell you of Someone I have found,

Who can turn your life completely around?
His name is Jesus!
He's my Saviour and Friend,
He's Someone on whom you can always depend!

Robert F. Dotson 2009





Music: You Raise Me Up

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Permission Granted

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