They all made me feel young,
All those children at play.
I watched them as I sat at the mall,
Smiling as they came my way.

The delight on the young faces
As they got to the rides.
Helicopter that went up and down,
Pretend roller coaster on a downhill slide.

The pride of the little girls
Who had helped make their own teddy bears.
One sported pink shoes and dress,
Another sat at the table, was "fed" with care.

A child of Asian descent
Sat with his Mom and Dad.
Fed some noodles from chopsticks.
He shared what they both had.

Teens strolling, full of laughter.
Texting, or talking on cells.
Eager and full of energy
With their bits of gossip to tell.

But the one I know we'll remember the most
Was seen on the way home.
And he will always bring a smile,
Be looked for whenever we roam.

For it had rained, but he was ready.
And the cutie sure wasn't mellow.
He carried umbrella of Sponge Bob Square Pants
And sported shoes of matching bright yellow!

Oh, I'll never forget him!
The sight of him will not pall.
I'll remember him and all the others
That I saw outside or in the mall.

Jane Ellen Slone





Tube of girls is from Youkette Tubes

Music: "Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me"

Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission

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