Because He Lives, He's our hope to,
Live, suffering with sins, mine,
And yours too, on the Cross giving us,
Everlasting Life Divine.

We're Redeemed only Because He Lives,
Jesus gave us All His Love,
And All His Life dying on that Cross,
Rising to Heaven Above.

O Jesus triumphed o'er satan and,
Exited the tomb, He Is,
The Resurrection and The Life for,
All, Hallelujah He Lives!

Yes as was promised God raised His Son,
Back to life on that third day,
Everlasting Life is yours if you'll,
Only Believe, Ask and Pray.

Pray a prayer to Jesus for No One,
Else can forgive all your sins,
He's the Only Way to Receive the,
New Birth and Life that transcends.

You see, God sent His Only Son to,
Die for all sins while living,
A sinless life, then He died on the,
Cross and His Love's still Giving.

"Lord Jesus I believe You're God's Son,
Thank You for dying for me,
Bearing all my sins, O please forgive,
All my sins setting me free."

"I love You Receiving You as my,
Saviour and Sweet Lord always,
O Jesus, Thank You for Saving me,
I will love You all my days."

Praise Jesus, He's Living and He Saves,
This Promise is for me, you,
Confess with your mouth, Believe in your,
Heart He's Lord, Be Born Anew.

It was necessary for Christ to,
Suffer and die and then rise,
From the dead on that third day taking,
Sins, O How He paid that price.

You see our sins separated,
Us from God forever more,
So Jesus Christ took that penalty,
For all sins, answering for.

Glory Be, God the Father Raised His,
Son up to Heaven, He Lives,
All Because of the Resurrection,
We live, O how His Love Gives.

And He offers you His Gift of Life,
Eternal Life living in,
Heaven with Him Forever, Love Him,
Asking Him to take your sin.

Sondra McPherson
03 January 2010






Music: "Because He Lives"

Sequenced By Bonita L. Luciotti
Mel Owens, Webminister of Music
God's Gospel Free Gospel Midi
Used With Permission

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