When I was young and in my prime,
It was a far better world,
And a slower pace of time!

Neighbors came to your rescue,
Because that's what friends are for!
And, nobody ever had to lock a door!

My family wouldn't have thought,
Of starting our day,
'Til we had a chance,
To read our Bible and pray!

One morning our prayer time,
Lasted longer than most!
You see, Daddy prayed through,
To the Holy Ghost!

He began to speak in tongues,
Which tickled us,
And my sister, Lucy and I,
Missed the school bus!

Daddy was a tenant farmer,
So the landlord got half,
Whether it was an acre of tobacco,
Or a newborn calf!

We would rise in the morning,
Before the sun,
And often it was dark,
When the work was all done!

Often we would go back,
To the stripping room at night,
And strip tobacco,
Under an electric light!

Friend, we were considered poor,
But we had plenty to eat,
For my Mom's cooking,
Just couldn't be beat!

We had a roof over our heads,
And clothes to wear,
And a God who always,
Answered our prayers!

Ah, times were often hard,
But God was on our side!
We found He was a Shelter,
In which we could hide!

We believed God,
For even the simplest things each day!
When trouble came, we would just pray!

Friend, the faith I have today,
As I feast upon God's truth,
Was planted in my heart,
In the days of my youth!

Robert F. Dotson 2007



Music: "Farther Along" (Old Hymn)

Sequenced By: The late Harry Todd
We miss you "GitPicker"
Used With Permission

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