Could we be standing behind a virtual friendship,
A here and now implied reality,
Looking in upon the light, or are 'we' really real?
Might you merely be a cyber name,
A secret, so I don't know who you are,
Nor see truly how you feel?

Do we care in present essence,
To all intents and purposes-
And are our feelings genuine to last.
Would you fret if I type unprofessionally
To communicate my heart.

Do you think about vague social standings
Or on character that shines...
Potentially Divine, and
If you knew all my quirks and faults
Would you truly be a friend of mine.

In seeing, might you ponder on appearance
Or what is in my soul
And practically, the more,
Would you rather be deleting all my sends
And not open them at all.

Can you understand my life
Is it possible to care-
Effectually, from beyond the glass,
Are my important events tangible
That you can always share.

If I climbed upon a lofty height
Or collapsed within a valley deep
Can you be here, to congratulate
Or yet so softly weep.

Are we then connected for a reason,
A plan beyond eternity,
Chosen for a purpose,
Spoken forth from ages past
For what our God has meant to be.

Are we so laid upon each other's hearts
As friends to bear in prayer
Compassionately aware,
Near of soul to uplift and encourage
In everything we share.

When my emails come into your box
Are you delighted then to see
'Me', implicitly,
The same as if I arrived at your door
For a friendly cup of tea.

So tell me of a truth dear one,
Is our cyber friendship really real?
For I feel it, true, constant, touchable,
Not an escaping of life's reality-
Nor a virtual sweeter deal...

Every day, without end, I thank God
You are my forever friend.

Softly Whispered from
Derry's Heart Poems Oct 2009
Poetry From The Heart

You may be only one person
in the world,
but you may also be the world
to one person.











Music: "Day of Silence"

Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Copyright By: Jalal Ali
Used With Permission
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