I sit alone in the garden,
Flowers in beautiful array,
Growing in abundance,
I slowly turn to walk away.

My eyes blur in vision,
My heart skips a beat,
I see an angel in the garden,
Playing music Oh so sweet.

Where did she come from,
Will she see me and go,
She is beautiful and sings,
Beneath a tree's bough.

Her voice is haunting,
Her graceful beauty is surreal,
There is no denying,
A heavenly presence I feel.

A gown in the purest white,
Doves perch in peacefulness,
Is it just a vision unfolding,
Filled with great beauteousness.

She sings words of healing,
Precious songs of Amazing Grace,
God loves all of His children,
Gives miracles for us to embrace.

Believe for it is yours to have,
God gives with a loving heart,
Draw closer to our Dear Father,
Blessings He will impart.

It all seems like a dream,
The music and songs of Praise,
I am drawn to the Angel,
As though I'm in a daze.

She smiles sweetly as I near,
Then a dove flies to me,
I know I am not dreaming,
I reach to touch what I see.

My hands pass through the light,
Is that what I saw all along,
Was there no Angel singing,
Filling the garden with song?

I still hear the harps playing,
The sound of songs echo around,
My heart is light and happy,
The angel's words were profound.

I kneel beneath the trees,
Thank God for the gift of love,
Among the beautiful flowers,
I see a pure white dove.

Gayle Davis©
28 September 2009

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