Over the years
I have collected souvenirs
And stowed them away
To bring out and brighten another day.

Shells from the seashore
Collected one day at the beach
As a suntan I thought to seek
But much to my dismay
I came home red and sore
Wishing at home I had thought to stay.

A thimble or spoon
To remind me of the day I visited a state
And hung in a frame on the wall
So later the adventure I could recall.

Postcards of beautiful scenes
Depicting the locations I had seen
And a greeting had thought to send
But didn't take time to write
That everything was alright
At the places I had been.

As I open the page of a book
I take time to look
At pressed flowers from a bouquet
Sent to cheer me when I was sick
Or a special occasion that had been
Celebrating with family and friend.

A program of an event...
Graduation, concert or baptism...
Personalized with sentiment
Of the one from whom it came
Brings a memory of love
And joy I felt at the time.

A stone lying upon the ground
I slipped into my pocket to carry around
And add to my collection
So another time in my recollection
I visit again the place the treasure I did find
If only in my mind.

A corsage I wore on my wrist
The night we danced the twist
At a special dance full of fun
When our life together first begun
Brings a smile to my face
That time can never erase
Because of love filling my heart
That will never depart.

How wonderful to open my treasure box
of souvenirs collected over the years
And wipe from my eye misty tears
Of joy I feel for taking the time
Saving reminders of happy memories
Filling the life that is mine.

©Jane Ward Smith
May 18, 2009

Music: "I Remember"

Composed By: Matthew J. Drollinger
© Matthew J. Drollinger
Used With Permission

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