That is where I am, now, in all embracing love
But, that is not where it all began...
Here is not where my journey was imagined
Now, I look back, remember...
The purpose of my heart.
There are no times nor dates
as I ponder
on the steps taken, how here I have arrived
in such a soft and tender place..

I must go back, unto the start,
To where I was, trying very hard..
walking day after day, step after step,
to an unknown destination.
Where I didn't know, how to find,
where to search..
Until, one day I heard
a gentle call, and startled, looked up
To see one, seated there ahead,
I hung my head, unworthy
of such light, and fumbled at the latch
upon the gate, now swinging wide
in welcome...

The call,
now louder, my heart,
now beating,
I heard sweet words of love, calling...
Could someone really care..
For me, like none had ever cared before.
I stumbled, as I began to run,
The path becoming clearer
the light e'er brighter,
Grace, pure grace, drawing me,
my soul, releasing as I ran, fear and guilt and pain.
in the revelation of a death for me,
setting me free.

I could see Him there, but also, close, near,
beside, within me,
I walked and walked unto all He said
all He meant, as His arms opened wide.
Forgiven, loved, beloved, I smiled and laughed
as there I knelt, and looking up
there cascaded all about me, music, beauty
and roses, fragrant
and I danced
in a shower of light and everlasting love.

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2009

Music: "Picard's Flute"

Sequenced By: Bob Barnes
Used With Permission

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