Ah, sweet memories from my childhood,
Quite often I find,
Overcome life's clutter, 
And flow gently through my mind! 

I remember sleeping 'neath a tin roof, 
To the rhythm of falling rain,
And waking the next morning, 
With my young body free from pain!

I would lie there as the aroma, 
Of Mama's bacon, eggs, and bread,
Came floating into my room,
And seemed to encircle my bed!

Back then we ate a hearty breakfast,
With all the family there.
Then, we'd gather at the family altar,
For our daily morning prayer!

I remember being close to my cousins!
We sure had a good time! 
Like typical boys, we always loved to climb!
Quite often our escapades were not all that good.
For, what one boy didn't think of,
The other two would.

We often played "Andy over",
Or ""tag"" while it was still light.
Then, we'd go inside and play "I spy",
Until bedtime that night!

Once my family made sorghum molasses,
Back in the Kentucky hills.
A mule provided the power,
To turn the sugar cane mill.

We put the syrup in an iron kettle,
And cooked it that night.
And when we tasted the finished product, 
It was just right!

I remember Church Fellowship Meetings,
With "dinner on the ground!"
No better food or fellowship,
Could anywhere be found!

I always enjoyed Vacation Bible School,
And the things we made! 
Back then the foundation of my faith was laid! 

In Sunday School I listened,
As the stories unfolded from God's word!
The story of David and Goliath.
Was the most exciting I'd heard!

But, the greatest story was about Jesus,
"The Man of Galilee,"
Who died a cruel death on Calvary,
To save a boy like me!

Robert F. Dotson  2006


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