I was doing some shopping this week,
And saw this little man.
He was barely able to get around.
I said Sir, can I help you,
And reached out to him my hand?

No Sir, but thank you was his reply,
I appreciate your offer,
And thank you just the same,
But I intend to stay independent,
Until I've lost this game.

I don't like to depend on others,
As long as I can stand,
And some day I may have to ask for help,
And be glad to take your hand.

I have children that would help me,
But I'm just a stubborn old man,
Determined to live my life
And do for myself,
As long as I possibly can.

I guess some think it's silly pride,
But my kids have their own homes now,
I don't want to burden them with my old age,
I always get along somehow.

I don't worry about tomorrow,
That is taken care of,
And I'm as safe as can be.
I have my Master at my side,
And He takes care of me.

Well thank you sir for your offer,
It was kind of you to see,
I have a little trouble getting around,
But I'm just fine, just let me be.

He went on his way,
Hobbling down the street,
Determined to live his life,
Independently and free.

Faye Reyenga © 6 / 22 / 2009