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Setting on a ridge over looking
The beautiful valley and an alpine lake below
A wild and noisy commotion of
Canadian geese and ducks on the go
Beyond the Valley Mountains touching
The sky their peaks covered in snow

Ever rushing and meandering creeks coming
Down from where the eagles fly
The sun reflecting off
The golden feathers against the bright blue sky
The eagles soaring and dipping
Tracking all below with their watchful eye

The sun just peaking above
The snowy mountain tops as only it would dare
Chasing away all of the darkened shadows in
The valley without care
A big family of chipmunks is playing tag and
They seem to be everywhere

Dewy mists are rising from the valley but
Soon disappear and seen no more
The rainbow colored drops of
Dew are sparkling over the valley floor
Spider webs can be seen covered with
Drops of dew and then seen no more

The beautiful blue sky is dotted with
Fleecy white clouds that go dancing by
They seem to bump the snow covered
Mountain tops as if to say Hi
The crystal clear lake is reflecting
The mountains as well as the blue sky

Flowers in a symphony of
Colors gently swaying in a soft Summer breeze
Bringing with it a pine and
Flower aroma that will surely please
The sights and sounds of this
Beautiful valley will put your mind at ease

ęDale L. Neill
August 4, 2003

Music: "Everything Is Beautiful"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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