A Mother's heart holds a gentleness,
For there are times when her heart,
Is so overwhelmed with love it will,
Flow through her eyes to impart.

Her children birth a preciousness in,
Her heart that will never leave,
Loving, caring and inspiring for,
In them she'll always believe.

She has a sea of love in her heart,
And eyes when she looks at you,
Only God could create such a love,
In a Mother's heart to view.

And the sweetest fragrance of the rose,
Graces her in loveliness,
With goodness and mercy in her eyes,
Expressing life's happiness.

Wherever she may go she has a,
Beauty that greets with a smile,
An unconditional love for her,
God given children awhile.

A Mother's love is like a flower,
Ever blooming uniqueness,
And she has a sweetness that will last,
Forever giving completeness.

She loves with a Godly love being,
Born the moment you were born,
She only existed as woman,
Until you came to adorn.

God knew a woman would give love to,
You freely and lovingly,
Sacrificing for you even through,
Heartache's tears beautifully.

Yes her heart of love begins before,
Her children are born lasting,
Through all kinds of struggles and sorrows,
To go beyond surpassing.

Her love is strong and powerful yet,
Through many wounds how it bleeds,
For every hurt caring, sharing love,
In prayer for you as she pleads.

A Mother's heart loves with that Higher,
Power God alone can give,
There is no stronger bond on the Earth,
Or one as gentle to live.

©Sondra McPherson
21 April 2009

* Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers *





Song: "Mother"

Sequenced by Margie Harrell
Old Codgers Midi Page
Used With Permission

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