There is a time when a woman just,
Knows a man's heart is unique,
And that's all because it's filled with such,
Love it has to seek to speak.

It's filled with a love that's been dropped in,
His heart from high up Above,
And truly meant to be for only,
One woman in life to love.

Oh the eyes of his soul can be read,
Forever and ever more,
When it's true love for one woman and,
Not breezing some other shore.

Yes love with its own expression speaks,
Out when seeking a real love,
That only exists living for one,
Being God-given thereof.

Just think of a man's heart of love that's,
Been in your heart or still is,
It blossoms uniquely, vibrantly,
Unfolding sweetness that lives.

A rhapsody of love wells in eyes,
Whispering love songs softly,
Yet it's the most powerful love to,
Hold both hearts ever gently.

When a man loves a woman it's known,
That the breath does truly cease,
As that warm feeling of love wraps 'round,
Sweetly to hold and increase.

How true it is when the eyes feel so,
Much love they look to convey,
Needing to express openly and,
Beautifully in some way.

That love for a woman captivates,
His soul kindling her heart near,
As their eyes lock in conversation,
Without a word to voice clear.

When a love is that strong it softly,
Holds her heart in compliance,
While it beats for his presence as love,
Wells in her eyes in silence.

Yes there's a time when a woman knows,
Truly that a man's heart speaks,
Seeking hers because his is filled with,
That real love for her that seeks.

©Sondra McPherson
19 July 2009





Top Image From Tutorial

Music: "When A Man Loves A Woman"
Sequenced: By Raphael Pungin
Used With Permission

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