When Youíve Gone Through The Pain And The Sorrow And Grief
And Youíve Called Out To God For Some Help And Relief
Does He Drop What Heís Doing And Rush To Your Aid?
Does It Matter To Him Youíre Alone And Afraid?

Sometimes You May Wonder What Lifeís All About
You Question And Struggle And Wrestle With Doubt
Is God Truly Sovereign? Does God Really Care?
And Then Thereís That Question - Is God Really There?

If Youíve Never Gone Through The Test And The Fire
You Missed Some Great Lessons On How To Move Higher
For God Allows Suffering, And Sometimes Distress
To Make Your Heart Tender And Wonderfully Blessed

He Wants You To Come To His Loving Embrace
He Wants You To Trust Him And Give Him First Place
He Wants To Direct His Great Power Through You
He Wants A Dear Servant Whoís Tested And True

For When You Are Hurting, And Only Godís Left
Heíll Meet Every Need Of A Soul Thatís Bereft
Heíll Deal With Your Issues And All Of Your Stuff
For He Is Sufficient, And He Is Enough

Heíll Give You A Facial, A Heavenly Shine
A Touch From The Master, Will Heal And Refine
Heíll Pour Down His Goodness In Wonderful Ways
So Give Him The Honor And Glory And Praise

God Used Old Jobís Story To Get Out The Word
That He Has A Message And He Will Be Heard
That Troubles Will Come And Troubles Will Go
But He Is Still Faithful, And Blessings Will Flow

Regardless Of What You Are Facing Today
Your God Will Sustain You And Heíll Make A Way
Heíll Fill You And Thrill You And Help You To cope
And Show You His Plans With A Future And Hope

All Things Work Together For Those Who Love God
He Stands With The Hurting, The Injured, And Flawed
And He Is The Answer When Things Fly Apart
For He Brings The Joy And The Peace To Your Heart

So Trust In The One Who Makes Everything New
He Delivers The Things He Has Promised To Do
Heíll Stir Up Your Soul With His Mercy And Grace
So That Others See Him When They Look At Your Face

© Jim Lake

Job 23:10
But He Knows Where I Am Going.
And When He Tests Me, I Will Come Out As Pure As Gold.



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Music: "Turn Your Eye Upon Jesus"

Inspirational Christian Music and Hymns
Used With Permission

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