I look back upon the road, I walked in my younger day, I left many foot prints there, Yet all have been wiped away. Foot racing was a favorite, Between my siblings and me, Most times I won the fast paced race, My feet you could hardly see. Chasing the dog when he saw, A rabbit, 'possum or squirrel, Seems he always ran to the road, Kicking up a big dusty swirl. A walk down this country road, Going to the store to buy a sweet, With a penny found in the dust, Hershey kisses were a real treat. We road the wagon to Church, This was a twice weekly trip, On Wednesday night we walked, As the darkness began its grip. Neighbors walked along this road, Visiting others at day's end, A greeting of outstretched hands, Happiness when friend met friend. Wagon loads of fresh picked cotton, Traveled this way to the gin, Nothing unusual to find atop, Tangled haired kids with a grin. Back in the times of the dusty road, Crime was almost an unknown, People were willing to help another, Troubles were not theirs alone. A strong belief in God above, Helped face life's adversity, Willing friends to stand beside, With hearts filled with humility. Times have changed in a lot of ways, What use to be dirt is now paved, No dust storms from the dog's feet now, Only memory's scenes thus saved. Gayle Davisİ April 10, 2009 E-mail Website Please share this page.

morgueFileSapphire Designs

Music: "Rainbow Stew"

Original MIDI Sequences
Of Various Styles
Sequenced By: Ron Tilden
Used With Permission

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