The days of my childhood are calling to me
Taking me back down through the years
My emotions are mixed, I am happy and yet
My eyes suddenly fill with tears.

I see the home on the street where we lived
With the hollyhocks by the back door
The yard where we played underneath the trees
I long to be back there once more.

My dear little Mother with her smile so sweet
My Dad as proud as could be
The two dearest people, so loving and kind
They were the whole world to me.

We had not a worry or care back then
We were happy and had so much fun
Not thinking how soon these times would flee
And our wonderful childhood would end.

My Mother's voice as she read to us
On a cold and dark winter night
My Dad making sure the wood stove
Would keep burning so warm and bright.

Making popcorn in an iron skillet
Oh what a wonderful treat
Covered with real "farm" butter
The taste just couldn't be beat.

When day was over, it was off to bed
And after our prayers were said
A tender kiss, a smile so sweet
The gentle pat on the head.

We were off to dreamland, a peaceful night
As the angels guarded our rest
The end of another perfect day
We would sleep until we woke again
To perfect morning light.

Good night, see you in the morning.

©Judy Marriott
September 2, 2008



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