If I didn't love Jesus
My life couldn't last.
If I didn't have my Lord
I'd have no future and no past.

Without Jesus in my life
Every day would be the same.
My life would be a waste,
And I'd have only myself to blame.

Without Him to guide me
I'd stumble along the road.
I'd only run into walls
And never reach my goal.

But, I do have Jesus!
Oh, happy, blesse'd day!
Yes, I have my Savior
To show me the true path, the way!

Do YOU have Jesus?
Please, don't delay!
Let Him into your heart.
Be saved today!

Jane Ellen Slone
Revised 8-01-08

Copyright 2006 - 2007 by Worship With You.


Music: "Amazing Grace"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
Please Go And Buy Her Music

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