Whispers of Fall,
Now ascends on the early morning breeze,
Cascading the beauty of nature,
Upon the picturesque of the colorful trees.

The mountain silhouette in a blissful flare,
As the color scene is spread everywhere.
Vibrant orange, golden yellow and rustic attire,
Only God can create this beauty beyond compare.

May we enjoy these lovely days,
For soon Winter will grasp their beauty away,
As their colorful leaves began to fall and fray,
Leaving the trees bare where mounds of leaves do lay.

In the vineyard, the cluster of grapes
Entwined with the glistening sun,
For the time of harvest has begun,
As the gardener awaits to gather the choice ones.

The whispers of Fall,
Now felt upon the brisk breeze,
As we take the early morn walk,
Contemplating ~ soon will come the Winter freeze.

Oh, return to shades of grace,
For a moment, Summer to embrace,
To feel the rays of sun upon our face,
The whisper of chill in the air to erase.

Now the gate of Autumn stands ajar,
For God's season to enter there.
May we enjoy and whisper in prayer,
And cast on God our every care.

"Wishing Everyone A Happy Autumn"

©Danna Robinette

Music: "The Last Days of Autumn"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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