I'm Lord of Lords, I know your every battle,
For I know all things.
I know the name of each star in the universe,
The name of every human being.

I know the number of hairs on your head,
And the name of every star,
I know your future for you're My child,
For My creation you are.

Even when the sun sets,
And daylight is no more,
You'll still be in My keeping,
As clouds above may soar.

I have a work for you to do on Earth,
But some day that will all be done,
And I shall call you to My Heavenly Home,
When all your battles have been won.

Your sins cannot be hidden,
In a closet in a box.
But your kindness and love for others,
In eternity will never be lost.

I'll judge you on your love for Me,
But never on your works.
Though kind to all may be your life,
Others may still bring hurt.

I said to My Heavenly Father,
Forgive them for they know not what they do,
As they nailed Me to the cross,
And I gave My Life for you.

So remember when you're hurt,
By those you thought were friends,
To ask the Father to forgive them,
For they're only human beings.

Faye Reyenga 7 / 02 / 2008

Music: "O Lord My God"
Words and Music
Lenny E. Smith Jr., Paul Gentry and Dan Swan
Copyright 1997 New Jerusalem
Used With Permission


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