What is life, but a literal stage
With a dress rehearsal for "Heaven"
A time to learn, from youth to old age
Love, and forgiveness, seventy times. . . Seven

What is life, some say its what we make it
How we live, love, what we . . .Accomplish
If you have a dream, be sure not to forsake it
Many make a "Mark" on a dream . . .Or a wish

What is life, days pass, months and years fly
We plow on, taking all life situations, in stride
Some are happy, some sad, others make us cry
We all need help along the way. . .A hand to guide

What is life, we sit and sometimes ponder
We question if there is any reason, to it at all
Ours is only to guess, and then wonder
As we see what it brings . . .Then stand tall

What is life . . . To those that are alone
Feeling there is not one, who might care
Perhaps depressed, and bitter to the bone
Nothing to look forward to, no one there

Life has many different meanings, to all
With each of us leaving something behind
What is our destiny. . .Do we stand, or fall
Do we dwell in the light, or grope and not find

What is life, if filled only . . . With woes
To experience sadness, heartache, and strife
And some that live with an emptiness inside
With a feeling of failure, that cuts like a knife

What is life to the successful and the proud
Those that have everything all together
Are they a little too happy, a little to loud
If a storm would hit, could they weather. . .

What is life, but a state, where we decide
To follow God, or the . . . Evil One
Learning to be humble, or puff up with pride
Or live in foolishness, to become undone

However each of us, might perceive it
And how it matters to each . . .Inside
Think on the "Hereafter" don't ever quit
Our "Maker" waits, with arms open wide

He waits patiently , noticing our choices
To guide and direct us, along life's way
What is life. . . . A stage, with many voices
Influencing where we'll “Eternally” stay!

©Judith Johnson Kypta
All Rights Reserved


Graphics designed by Leona1999
Using Paint Shop Pro 9
February, 2005Copyright © All rights reserved

Music: "In This Life "

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission

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