When I picture Heaven and quite often I do
I see the things that God had prepared for me and you
Walls of Jasper, Gates of Pearl, Streets of Purest Gold,
An awesome site to behold

For thatís not what appeals to me, or fills my heart with bliss,
Cause I never had enough of that to get me spoiled,
I guess the human mind canít comprehend, the beauty there is to see,
But this my friend, is what Heaven means to me.

Itís a place where nights have vanished away,
In the ages of time, there will be one long day.
The weather will be perfect, the food will be fine.
We will never have to hurry; cause there will be no time.

Up there in Heaven, we wonít ever cry,
No bills to pay and nothing to buy,
There will be no more sorrow, not one bit of sin,
The sting of death, thank God will never be felt again.

Another thing to me, that will make Heaven so fair,
Is my Daughter, Momma and Daddy will all be there,
Looking so young and fair to see.
Not old and wrinkled like they used to be.

I want to kiss Momma and hear her whisper in my ear,
I have been waiting for you Son, I am so glad you are here,
And hear my Dad say Iíve been waiting for you Boy,
There will be no more fear.

Weíll just sit down and talk for one hundred years,
Try to imagine the thrill, if you can, of seeing all the ole Saints,
And getting to shake their hands, and to hear all,
The stories, of all the things they have done.

Maybe Iíll get to live next door to James or John,
Yea, itís going to be wonderful, when we make it through,
This beautiful land, God has made for me and you,
But all this I mentioned my friend.

Wonít even compare to the main thrill, that awaits us when,
We all get there, that is to see Jesus,
The One who died for me and you,
And to live in His presence, through out Eternity,

Iím going to sing forever
And never have any trouble or care,
Thatís what Heaven means to me!!!!!!
Wonít you meet me?

© Larry Beshires



Music: "I'll Fly Away"

Sequenced By: Dick Anderson
Used With Permission

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