Weeds hide the beauty of our life;
our very existence and those we should not share,
The good in our lives that should be is often,
shrouded with satanís evil weeds.

Those weeds are tough and,
satan plants those seeds with up most care,
One weed springs up then it becomes,
a colony with many evil seeds.

Those weeds do not always look evil,
but are crowned with beautiful blossoms too,
Often very delicate so tempting to the touch and,
an open invitation to see.

Those beautiful blossoms on those weeds,
are evil through and through,
Those evil weeds chock out,
the beauty of life in you and in me.

There is a blossom a Rose,
more beautiful than all the rest,
So pure in beauty; pure in living,
but so easy to know through prayer.

That Rose; the only Son of God is,
always faithful to the test,
He will guide you to green pastures,
and weeds arenít there.

Dale L. Neill©
January 11, 2008

Photo Birgitta's Graphics


Music: "The Rose"

Courtesy of Mel Webb
Used With Permission


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