That's what my Friends had told me.
They were so happy with joy.
On one of the trips to the Doctor,

They found out their baby was
Going to be a girl, everything
Seemed to be going along so well.

As they made plans for the baby.
On the next trip to the doctor
They did an ultrasound, and were,

Told they needed to run more tests.
That their baby had a birth defect,
And what it had was going to be fatal.

The Doctor told them that she probably,
Would not carry it to full term
But if she did it could be still born.

If it was born alive it would only live
A short time or a few hours at most,
Their dreams crumbled, and fell apart.

Their world turned upside down, as the doctor
Continued with the Medicinal facts,
Please Dear God make this go away.

This has got to be a terrible dream.
Please Dear God let it be a bad dream,
The agonizing of waiting and praying.

For God to work a Miracle, Still after all
The x-rays and test, nothing had changed,
They could not believe this was happening.

Dear God what had they done to deserve this?
Their only answer was Jesus needed a Sweet
Little angel girl to help with His work,

In Heaven to watch over them here on Earth,
Someday Jesus will send them a sweet little baby
To Love and teach of His Love for all mankind.

To watch over and care for until forever they pray.
But Life goes on and will never be the same,
For they have come to realize that this was God's will.

Not anything they had done, they will never take Life
For granted or view Life the same way, For without God
They are nothing, but with Him they have eternal Life!

Dedicated To Jake & Megan

Judy Knight



Music: "Dreams"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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