Frustrations mount, tensions grow,
Hands reach out ever so slow,
Trying hard for words to convey,
Tears come in silent display.

Eyes plead in desperation,
Screams instead of communication,
An unbridged gap, a missing link,
Prevents a childís need to speak.

Minds trying words to form,
To this spectrum I was not born,
What caused me to be this way,
Suffering social and communicationís delay?

My heart loves, my hands feel,
Yet my world doesnít seem real,
People just cannot understand,
Needs and wants through voiceless command.

I wish that I could say to you,
"Iím hungry and Iím thirsty too,
Hold me in your arms so tight,
Sometimes Iím afraid in the night."

"My tummy hurts or my head aches,
I am sorry for making so many mistakes,
I try to do what you ask of me,
I just wish in my world you could see."

"All of these things I canít say,
Though I try and try every day,
My world is sad and Oh so lonely,
Pent up feelings grow ever more strongly."

Trapped in an Autistic World,
Words spin, twist and twirl,
Repetitive behavior, rigid routine,
Consistency are all in the Autistic Scene.

Tip toe walking like a dancing ballerina,
Flapping arms and meltdowns fill the Autistic Arena,
Too much energy, breaking and running,
Oblivious to danger yet intelligence that is stunning.

Lonesome is the Autism world yet many live here,
It use to be rare, now it's one in one hundred fifty I fear,
Is it genes, environmental or vaccinations?
What is a common thread among all the Nations?

No matter the cause there is no cure,
Iíll live in this world of that I am sure,
Lonely and unable to talk to you,
Iíll try to do the best I can do.

Just remember each time a child misbehaves,
It might not be a parentís lack of skills engraved,
But a child Trapped in an Autistic World,
Where words twist, spin and twirl.

Gayle Davis©
December 27, 2008




Music: "Color My World"

Sequenced By Bob Sorem
Bob Sorem's MIDI Page
Used With Permission

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