Dabbles of ink, spill onto page
laughter 'n tears often engage
a ballet of words,
deep inner peace
scribbling thoughts,
finding release

rainbows of color,
perhaps raging storm
from deep in the soul,
a writer's heart song
doodles on paper,
expressing true love
happiness, sorrow,
heart taking plunge

yearnings, desires,
spirit set free
bathing with dolphins
love of the sea
shackles that bind
tales of regret
asking forgiveness
heartfelt repent

walking on sunshine,
feeling its glow
veils of the night,
caressing my soul
falling to pieces,
relentless abyss
embracing a lover
sweet sensual kiss

running through pastures,
grass tickling toes
sweet scented flowers,
clusters of rose
family 'n friendships,
held ever close
turmoil, injustice,
small rays of hope

seashore 'n nature,
walks in the park
long, winding roads,
fear of the dark
spillage from inkwell,
reveal inner pain
seasonal etchings,
Autumn's refrain

demons 'n death,
shadows by night
evil, destruction,
vampire's bite
dreaming 'n fantasy,
waking on mars
cuddling 'neath moonlight,
wishing 'pon stars

Angel's 'n fairies,
white puffy clouds
puddles of teardrops,
laughing out loud
carousels, rainbows,
His Tapestry
hundreds of scribbles
fond memories

t'ween all the pages,
secrets unfold
poetic stories,
never 'fore told
look for traces,
tiny tidbits of me
penning deep thoughts
through word

2008 Rose Marie Streeter
(All rights reserved)




Music: "Nostalgia"

"Dolphin's Dream Quietude"
Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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