Many years ago some had only one bed,
The biggest and oldest slept in the middle.
While the kids made room,
Wherever they could wiggle.

This may seem funny now to us,
But was a hardship way back then.
The houses in which they lived,
Were usually old and water would leak in.

But it was all they knew,
And thought they were just fine,
Not knowing anything better,
At least not at that time.

Jobs were very scarce,
The pay was just enough,
To keep the family eating,
Times were mighty rough.

Most of us have so much more.
Than we deserve today,
We fail to realize,
That hardships ever were that way.

Those were the days we call the good old days,
In some ways I guess they were,
Not having everything taxed,
But we'd be miserable that's for sure.

We are spoiled and that's a fact,
We've had it easy much too long,
But how many of us would trade this life,
For that kind of shabby home?

We like our things convenient,
Ready at our hands,
Anything that we desire,
Right at our command.

The day may come again some time,
When four sleeps in one bed,
But we must be grateful for what we have,
As many times' been said.

We are a people of great desires,
Of much we do not need.
Some go without some things,
Because of others greed.

Faye Reyenga 1 / 24 / 2009

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