Often we speak of days gone by,
With tears in our eyes,
For we remember the Church,
In her early days.

Ah, revivals then were lasting,
Because folks believed,
In praying and fasting,
And they came into Godís house,
In a Spirit of praise!

Somebody might start a song,
And the rest would sing along.
They didnít have to be coaxed to say ďamen.Ē

Saints would stand and testify,
And sinners would cry,
As the Holy Ghost convicted them of their sins.

Taking medicine was practically unheard of,
For Brothers and Sisters in a Spirit of love,
Would pray for each otherís needs!

The Holy Ghost would fall,
From the opening prayer to the altar call!
Visitors had no need of a program to read.

Even though they were going through a trial,
Saints would keep their happy smile.
They were always humble and meek.

They dwelt in one accord,
And like Jesus their Lord,
They always turned the other cheek.

Godís preachers had a burning desire,
And being anointed with Holy Ghost fire,
They would deliver the message,
ďThus saith the Lord!Ē

They described hell down below,
As a place sinners go,
And Heaven above as the saints reward.

Friend, it could be the same today,
If we would only fast and pray,
And put our petty differences aside.

You see, thatís what it will take,
If we are going to make,
The ďcatching away of Christís bride!Ē

Robert F. Dotson © 2008








Music: "Pour Your Spirit Out Upon Me"

© TomLascoeMusic.com
Used With Permission


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